A Different Story to Tell

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Produced by Dan Geib
and All About Murray Records
Recorded by Dan Geib
at Art Gomperz Studios, St. Joseph, MI
Additional production by Dave Carlock
Mixed by Dave Carlock for 27 Sounds,
at 27 Space, Benton Harbor
Assistant Engineers: David Williams
& Nick Major
Mastered by Cookie Marenco,
at OTR Studios, Belmont, CA
Song arrangement & collaboration:
Bev Hahn, Jenna Mammina & Dan Geib

Art Direction: Jenna Mammina
Graphic Design: Alex Sanso,
Artopia Creative
Photography: Kelsey Hahn

Released 2010
on All About Murray Records

"A Different Story begins
Bev and I began playing music about 10 years ago while she was playing a small local pub. She asked me to bring my guitar down and sit in sometime. So I did, and from that jam sprouted over a decade of music together. While Bev always came loaded with armfuls of cover material, it was Bev's songwriting (as you can now hear) that set her apart from so many musicians that I have played with over the years.

"The genesis of The Art Gomperz Band has enjoyed such a variety of musicians moving in and out of the band, that Bev often mentioned it was much more like a musicians' club than a band. Luckily for all of us, Bev's transition to the band was swift and we all found ourselves taking on a new sound and direction of NewGrass Americana as Bev provided one new song after another from genres of bluegrass, swing, folk rock and country ballads.

"In 2008 bev and I embarked on an ambitious plan to build a studio and create a CD of select material that Bev had written for both our duo as well as the band. In the midst of all the excitement, we were able to get all tracks for nine songs completed and we were just waiting for Bev to finish her final vocal tracks. It was a wait that no one knew would be forever as Bev's spirit left us on the morning of September 30, 2008.

"TStory continues
During the celebration of Bev's life, Jenna Mammina and I began to discuss the possibility of Jenna finishing Bev's songs with us. I expressed to Jenna that there was no one on the planet who could be considered Bev's musical soul mates as much as Jenna and I and that only with Jenna could I properly finish Bev's material and our vision. So we all got busy with this great opportunity to honor our dear friend. Jenna's rich, wonderful voice and love of Bev and her music has helped us all realize a dream, and for that I will be forever grateful. Welcome to Art Gomperz, Jenna!"

— Dan Geib

A Different Story To Tell not only reflects well on Bev's approach to songwriting but also on her perspective to life in general. Bev was a light in the darkness; a friend when you didn't even know you needed one, a confidant and a musical powerhouse.

Bev's songwriting contemplates the issues of every day life — relationships, personal growth, searching, growing up growing old, and songs that tell the stories of others whose paths she has crossed. Hahns experience over the years performing as a professional musician has given her the opportunity to explore a variety of musical styles. She draws from this varied background, creating music that takes unexpected turns breaking rules of convention.

from the liner notes